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The best way to get answers is to come into our store and talk directly to one of our staff.  If we don't have an answer readily available, we promise to research your question and get back to you as soon as we can.  By talking face-to-face, if there's something about your question we need more information on to get you the best answer, it's easily accomplished.

However, we realize coming into the store is not always an option, so we provide a couple of alternatives:

First, you can send us an email (under our "contact" page) and we'll reply back plus put the answer on this page.

Second, you can send your questions to us via Facebook at:

​Finally, maybe you can find someone else has already asked the same question or is included in one of the public documents below.  As much as possible, the information included below applies for Central South Dakota, but may by necessity be written for the more general northern plains region.  To read these files, click on the link and a new window will pop up.  You may need to add Adobe to your computer, which you can do by clicking here: