We're very particular about out roses.  We're proud to say we're the exclusive dealer of Weeks Roses for our area and as such we carry only the best roses for our customers.  Weeks Roses was founded in 1938 and today operate a research department on the Cal Poly Pomona (California) campus along with the hybridizing greenhouses and display & test gardens. Whether you're looking for teas, climbers, shrubs, trailing and spreading, miniatures, super miniatures, or two-fers(tm) tree roses, we have them.  In fact, we dedicate an entire greenhouse just for our roses.  But this is no secret, so if you want to see our entire selection, visit us early in the season; it's very hard for us to keep up with demand!

Perennial Shrubs and Trees

The advantage of perennial plants is they will come back year after year.  Our selection of shrubs and trees is continually expanding.  To make sure the right plant is purchased, we only sell perennials that are tolerant to the expected central South Dakota weather extremes.  Please ask one of our knowledgeable staff members if you have questions or concerns about how a specific shrub or tree may do in your yard.

Greenhouse Space
If you have some special seeds you want started but don't have the space at home, we can rent you some table space.  Bring in your seed packets and we do the rest!

To help prevent diseases from entering our greenhouses, we prefer to put the seeds in our own containers.  If you have containers you really want to have us use, please let our friendly staff know your needs and we'll take it from there.

Custom Potting

Bring in your favorite pots and we'll fill them for you.  Your costs are less because the pots are yours!

Or if you haven't quite found the perfect pots, we have a bunch or can order just about anything.  We have a great selection of custom, hand made pots.

Need us to pick them up or deliver them to your house?  We can do that too!

Heirloom Plants and Seeds

So what's the big deal about heirloom plants, how are the different from "non-heirloom" or hybrid plants, and why do people get excited about them?  There are several main differences between these two type of plants:

​Hybrids are favored by the commercial grower because they tend to mature all at once (making harvesting easier), are uniform in shape and size (again making harvesting easier), and are able to withstand shipping stresses better (better for those week-long trips in semi's).

Heirlooms have been selected by individual farmers many years ago (some up to several hundred years ago!) for what mattered to them - flavor, disease resistance, vigorous growth, and production throughout the growing season.  Heirlooms also tend to have dramatically higher nutritional levels compared to hybrids.

We are the only nursery in central and western South Dakota to offer Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds to our customers. Further, we pick only those plants that have been tried and tested in climates like ours.  These plants will be healthier and consequently their yields are maximized.  If you're looking for good nutritional values to feed your family these are the seeds for you.

Most of our customers can find what they need from our large selection of hybrid (made by deliberately crossing distinct varieties) and heirloom vegetables (plant varieties that have been passed down for years). 

However, maybe there's something we don't carry - just let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen!

Flowering Annuals

We stock many favorite varieties of annuals each year.  However if you have something that interests you and we haven't carried it in the past, let us know and we'll do our best to get them for you. Some species and varieties are hard to get, so the earlier in the year you contact us, the better chance we have in finding them for you.