East Pierre Landscape and Garden Center is the area's exclusive dealer for Top Block products, the most natural retaining wall products on the market.

Top Blocks can be used for building walls, patio pavers, free standing planters and benches, and can also be made into square and round fire pits, wall seats, and columns.

Greenscaping can also be used to prevent or invite visitors into an area as well.  We work with you to build off the natural strengths of your property and the intended use of the area to create a customized landscape design that matches the your needs.

We provide our customers with accurate drawings showing each plant's location along with new or existing hardscape items so before ground is broken you can see what the finished project will look like.

The Top Block look is unrivaled in the retaining wall block industry.  It is an affordable, structurally sound, and easily stacked retaining wall block system that will make your project the envy of all your friends!

Hardscaping - (walls, patios, etc.)

Laying down a typical hydroseeded area costs less than half that of a sod lawn. Hydroseeding has the advantage over standard lawn seeding in that we don't need mats or ground netting that not add to your costs but also tend to come loose and look generally ugly. Hydroseeding also allows us to customize the grass seed mix. Add fertilization and regular maintenance, and in no time you'll have the fantastic new lawn you've always wanted.
Hydroseeding is one of the most cost effective solutions for temporary and/or permanent erosion control on steep areas such as drainage ditches, hillsides, or pond banks.

​And if your new lawn has been watered regularly but for some reason did not grow, we'll come back and respray at no cost.

Blocks and pavers are available in limestone, brown, and gray colors, and Random, Fossill, and Montana styles - enough variation to match whatever outdoor hardscape desires you may be thinking of.

We have several on-site examples of Top Block products plus many pictures of completed projects to help you see what we can add to your property.

Whether it's putting in a patio, fire place, new lawn, or a flower bed, you can customize your property so you can enjoy it to it's fullest. Landscaping can also help drain a wet area, hold back a hillside, stop mud from being tracked into the house, block the wind, or prevent animals and people from getting into or out of an area.  And don't forget how landscaping can boost your home's value!

No matter if you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing landscape we'll work to tailor a plan to your needs. We’ll design a landscape that’s built around what you want.  Since we're the only local landscaping company that has it's own plant nursery and greenhouse, can provide our services to you without additional cost upcharges on our plant materials.

Please give us an email, call, or stop by the shop and see what we can do for you.  Bring your ideas, and maybe look at some of our past projects (links are below), to help give you some ideas on what you'd like to incorporate into your home.

Obviously plants play a large role in most landscape projects.  But putting the appropriate plants in the correct settings, the placement of those plants relative to their neighbors and other elements, and matching the maintenance needs to the needs to the customer is what sets us apart from other companies. Our staff can create a beautiful flourishing landscape that enhances your property, increases it's value, and protects your investment.

We can provide a unique and beautiful area no matter what the size or shape that will keeps it's visual appeal for many, many years, whether it's a private or commercial property.

Hydroseeding, or hydromulching, is an alternative to installing a sod lawn - and guess what, it's cheaper too!  We take a mix of grass seed, wood fiber/paper mulch, water, a few soil amendments, and binders and spray it directly on bare ground.  The mix helps speed the seed germination by holding everything in place and retaining moisture. The new lawn still needs watering to become established, but after about a month your new lawn will be ready for it's first mowing!

Greenscaping - (plants & lawns)