It's very hard for us to show you everything that we have that will complement your yard or garden.  Heck, if we were to limit ourselves to just the pots we have that'd take up an entire page just by itself!  You'll have to come by the store and see everything - but until then we've put just a few of the items we have in a photo gallery.  We will add and subtract to this page as the year progresses so check back often to see what "just got off the truck!"

Just a warning first - we only carry items unique to our area and that are quality made.  So if you'd prefer the machine painted resin things, I'll let you know up front that we don't have them.

If you want to get a closer look, click on a picture to get a larger version.  Enjoy looking through them and again, you'll simply have to drop by the store to see everything we've got!

Garden Accents