Let's say you were given some seeds by a co-worker, neighbor, friend, or relative and want to grow them at your place.  Or maybe you have seeds collected off a favorite plant from the family farm, or ordered some seeds from some exotic plants (or really, really hot peppers!) you need started.  But the problem is either you're too busy, or you don't have the space, heating mats, and artificial lights to start the seeds from scratch.  We can help!

Raised Cedar Planter  $250

Greenhouse Space

By renting some table space in one of our greenhouses you're assured of receiving the best results, and all you have to do is supply the seeds, we do the rest.  When the plants are ready you can either come by and pick them up, or we can even deliver them directly to your house!  ​It's no hassle, and your special seeds now have a great head start on the growing season.

Call or email us to reserve some space, or better yet drop by our shop with your seeds and visit with one of our staff.

Hanging Petunia Baskets

Greenhouse Space - ask for pricing

The planting area measures 42" long, 31.75" wide, and 11" deep giving you almost 8 cubic feet to grow your plants in.  The sturdy legs raise the top of the box to 36" so you can give your plants the attention they need without straining your knees or back.  The bottom boards are close enough together to prevent soil loss, but still allow excess water to drain through.  All boards are untreated cedar so not only will they withstand the elements but there's no worry of chemicals or anything else possibly being taken up by your plants.

Want to garden but have dogs or other things already using your backyard, just want to use a corner of your deck for gardening, or have troubles getting up and down off the ground?  These raised boxes are the ticket!​  Made from solid cedar boards and weather resistant decking screws these planter boxes will last a lifetime.

Contact us today to order your new raised cedar planter box.

Have a space that needs different planter dimensions?  Let us know and we can build custom boxes that fit your needs exactly!

Raised Cedar Planter Boxes

Hanging Petunia Baskets  $55

​These petunia baskets aren't like anything else you can find in the area.  Perfect for commercial and residential use, these smaller versions of the lovely flower planters hanging on the light poles in downtown Pierre and outside the Governor's Mansion will give you massive round balls of color all summer long!

Each 16" UV protected basket comes with a 3-strand hanger and has a 1 gallon water reservoir in its outside shell.  This durable shell is made from 0.125-inch polypropylene and come in 5 colors: tan, white, sea foam, black, and terracotta. They have a 10-year warranty and are designed to withstand heat to 220*F and cold to -40*F. The outer shell has an overflow so over watering is impossible and can be drained through a drain plug.

The removable inner liner holds the soil and plants; numerous holes in the bottom of the inner liner allow the plant roots to take in water as they need.  You can now leave for the weekend and not worry if your thirsty plants can make it through a hot weekend!

Because these baskets are designed to last, for a minimal fee you can simply bring your liners in to our shop for a "re-fill" each spring and your property will have maximum color with minimum maintenance for many years.

​Call or email us today to with your pot color choice as these baskets are very popular and will sell out quickly.

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